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Reflective Thoughts from a Graduating College Student

by Krista Lee

I came to Green Mountain College in 2011 and have been here for the past four years. A lot has changed over my course of my four years here and I am happy to have spent my undergraduate college career here and I am ready to move on and immerse myself in work that I am passionate about. 

I have been fortunate enough to have a lot of my learning happen out of the classroom since being at GMC. I have participated in alternative spring breaks for three out of my four years here and that facilitated a lot of learning for me. I organized GMC students though Activism@GMC to attend Mountain Justice Spring Break in 2012 and 2013 and learned a lot through being in Appalachia, VA and learning about mountaintop removal coal mining through workshops and attending sites. I participated in No More Deaths in Tucson, AZ in 2014 when I was an eco-league student at Prescott College and learned about the border, racism, and immigration and helped provide humanitarian aid in the form of food, water, and blankets to people working to cross the desert and cross the border. Attending alternative spring breaks contributed to a lot of my learning as an undergraduate student. 

I have been a member of Activism@GMC for four years which is a student club that works to discuss and organize around issues of social, political, and environmental issues that the country and world are facing and looking at them in a systemic way that addresses the root causes. This has been a highlight and major basis of my learning since being at GMC and have learned from peers as well as literature other members of the community. I have worked with a lot of students and had many discussions with people that have helped evolve and inform my ideas and actions, and am forever grateful for those conversations. 

I am a double major in Psychology and Sociology/Anthropology and my interests are deeply embedded in the individual while looking at larger systems that affect people and working as a community organizer to address oppression, inequality, and discrimination. Working to address issues with passionate people who are dedicated to social and environmental issues is important to me. 

My time at GMC has overall been incredibly positive, although I have my frustrations about the institution just like most college students probably have about their colleges and universities. Something that I do appreciate about GMC is that I have met a lot of wonderful students, faculty, and staff members who work to address issues to make the college a better place. I love the NorthEast and NewEngland and Vermont and have enjoyed the setting of a small environmental liberal arts college in this beautiful state and interesting small town. 

In two weeks I will be a college graduate, which is a privileged status that many people are not afforded. Education should be treated as a human right and everyone should be able to access it without being in debt.


"I'm Graduating!" 

By: Matthias Baudinet
        When I first applied to Green Mountain College I was filled with both excitement and nervousness. After completing high school in south Florida, I was now heading to a small Vermont school. I knew that I was going to be in a completely different environment. After spending a few years underneath the terribly warm Floridian sun, I was so ready to be exposed to the cold Vermont weather. I still remember purchasing tons of winter jackets and sweaters. I obviously could not bring all my "summer" Florida clothes. 
        As soon as I stepped on campus I knew that this was the right place for me. My parents were there with me and I could tell that they also loved it here. I even heard my father talking about possibly retiring here! The calm and peaceful environment of the college and Poultney village was the perfect place to do my undergraduate studies. There are not a lot of distractions, which would allow me to really focus on my studies, but also allow me to appreciate and admire the beautiful Vermont countryside. 
        My first of classes at GMC could not have gone any better. I was already friends with many people on the men's and women's soccer teams, and I had meet all of my Images of Nature classmates. To this day, I am really close friends with a few wonderful individuals from that same Images class. Images of Nature was the class that really showed me a totally different world. A world that can be changed for the better if we treat it with the respect it deserves. Before Images I had not been exposed to any sort of environmentalism. To this day, I am still so thankful for my Images professor (Sarah Mittlefehldt, PhD)--she helped me become the person that I am today. 
        As I recall my early days at Green Mountain College I can honestly say that the education that I received here has given me the necessary skills and character traits that will allow me to pursue my goals and ambitions with a high rate of success. In particular, GMC has taught that it is possible to make a difference in the world while also making a living--these two things are compatible. The professors that I have had here at Green Mountain College has pushed me beyond my original intellectual limits and have made me realize that the amount of potential that I have is a lot higher than I had first thought. 
        As May 16th approaches, I could not be happier to finally receive my degree. Of course, I am also sad that I will be leaving this place. GMC has been my home for four years and I have honestly had the time of my life here. I made unforgettable memories, formed great relationships with professors, and created memorable and genuine friendships. 
        Thank you Green Mountain College for making my time here some of best years of my life so far. I could not have asked for more. I feel privileged to have been part of this admirable institution. I feel even more privileged that I will forever be a representative of Green Mountain College and the values that it stands for. 
"Lux fiat."

Finals Week at GMC

By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

This week, Green Mountain College is the home to many frantic students, scrambling to complete their final projects, papers and assignments and scattered about to study for their last exams of the semester. While no one is in shock by any of this happening as it is an annual string of events to occur on GMC's campus, it is a reminder that once again certain friends are graduating and you are one step closer to being there yourself. Take this time to really partake in the end of the year events occurring on campus, both events and final presentations, and make sure you say let your beloved seniors know how they've affected your life on or off campus! 

Happy Spring Green Mountain, we're almost done!


Diversity: Overcoming Stereotypes Exhibit in Surdam

by Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

This past Friday night, three GMC students students Luz Guel, Martha Howe, and Rosemary Connelli worked together to put on one of the most beautifully powerful art shows I have seen as of yet in my college career here. Their artist statement was:

Diversity: Overcoming Stereotypes

The purpose of this exhibit is to talk about how different racial, gender, religious, and body type stereotypes affect people personally here in Green Mountain College. These words, phrases, or stereotypes were written on their hands or body to symbolize the labels people place on them. Its critical, especially with so much racial turmoil in the United States, to document the stories of marginalized individuals.

All three of these students had/have faced stereotypes being placed on them, either due to their race or gender or behavior, and all three of these students are acknoweledging how harmful said stereotypes can be. 

Within the GMC community, we have the opportunity to live amidst so many different kinds of people on campus ranging from people all over the US to a large marjority of international students. If we, as Green Mountain College, a tiny bubble within Vermont, cannot begin addressing certain harmful stereotypes we face as world citizens then that is a problem. I'm so proud of these ladies for beginning this project.

I highly encourage everyone to check out this exhibit while it is still in GMC's Surdam Art Gallery, as well as join one of the artists Luz Guel and myself in the Moses 1st lounge this Wednesday night at 7pm for an Activism Club presentation on Mexican immigrants, border patrol, and what is going on just a few states away from us.


Spring Concert: Moon Hooch!

By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

This past weekend, Green Mountain College held their annual Spring Concert and co-existing day of festivities! With the schedule as following: 


Jousting, mechanical bull riding, a rock wall, and trampoline bungee.

Cree Parking Lot and Moses Lawn.  



Cree Lawn 


Tony Trischka Territory featuring special guests Sarah Middlefeldt and John Gillette

Cree Lawn


Fire Spinners

Withey Lawn


Laser Tag

Waldron Gym. People under 18 years require signed parental permission to participate.


Moon Hooch


Local Food Vendors

Withey Lobby, featuring local Farmer’s Market food vendors, Ana’s Empanadas, Caroline’s Pies, Taste of Asia, and Mediterranean Mix.  


It was a lovely day filled with wild rides and giggly faces of family's, friends, babies, incredible musicicans and amazing food.


Chartwells dining hall was turned into a fabulous concert venue by CPB (community programmig board) and amazing volunteers for a classic GMC guest jam band, and many hula hooping, dancing, excited students, both current and alumni.

Overall, I would say that the entire campus could agree on the fact that it was an exhausting weekend, but a very satisfying one at that.