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Turning 21 in Poultney!

By: Natalie House

Last Tuesday was my 21st birthday! I went to the pub and had a great time listening to live music and drinking local beer! The pub is a really great space to interact with peers and faculty - some faculty members regularly play bluegrass which is one aspect of GMC I find especially important to the sense of community.

For those who are not familiar with the Poultney area, Tap's Tavern is the pub most people go to in town. Every Tuesday is bluegrass and $3 draft beer night, and every Saturday is open mic night.

It feels good to be able to participate more in Poultney's small town community. Aside from the pub scene, turning 21 has some other student perks. Every semester, the GMC community hosts a beer or wine & cheese tasting workshop, which is a rite of passage for students who have been at GMC since their freshman year. I'm excited to get to experience that soon!



Bill Mckibben's Talk for MSFS residency 

Last Monday, Bill Mckibben came to Green Mountain College to give a talk to kick off the Masters students residency. He spoke about the challenges we face with climate change looking to the future. 

                                                                        (photo from GMC Facebook Page)

He began by discussing the severity of recent winters in comparison to years past. Using this as a jumping off point, he then delved further into the issues of climate change. 

One highlight was a short video made by an anti-environmentalist group that told the tale of ‘Joe’ and his true love; oil. The personified barrel of oil leaves Joe, and in the wake of this ‘break-up’, Joe is left in the dark with nothing. This cautionary tale featuring an evil looking cartoon version of Bill Mckibben spewing horrible facts about “climate change”. It was an attack on the divestment movement largely supported and encouraged by Mckibben.

If you are interested to see this little video, here is the link:


Much of the talk was quite abysmal, mostly a deluge of facts and statistics about oil companies and extreme weather. As depressing as many of the facts were, it was a sobering reminder that we are living in a world that is changing and we are the main cause.  

He did end on a more uplifting note however, sending out the call for action. For we must act now to try and save this world we live in.

He showed a series of pictures taken from places across the globe of people showing their support for 350.org, a website and organization recently started by Mckibben. 

It is a site that aims to build a global grassroots environmental movement. By connecting people and providing tools to start movements the organization hope to create a more livable planet for the future. 

And the main take away from Bill Mckibben’s talk on Monday night was just that; we are responsible for keeping this planet livable and the way we are going to do that is by taking action and remaining hopeful.


Horse Amour- By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

Over the past few years, Green Mountain College has been in partnership with Horse Amour, a local horse farm about a 20 minute drive off of campus. This farm, run by the incredible Sue Cook, is the location in which the GMC Equestrian club goes for lessons, as well as the 1 credit horseback riding class offered through the registrars office. After previously riding with the club, this semester I had the chance to sign up for the actual course! The additional charge of $280 for the semester is an unbelievable deal for riding lessons, because ultimately it means you are paying roughly $20 per lesson, which is almost impossible to find anywhere in relation to horse lessons. 

I am currently taking this class with four other students every Wednesday afternoon and I can truly say it is one of the main things I look forward to each week. Horse Amour is a beautiful farm with both outdoor and indoor barns / coralles. The horses have a lot of freedom/ability to roam around and it is evident by how happy each of them seem. 

Personally, I'm a beginning rider but I feel so comfortable with asking questions and better understanding everything we are learning there with the help of Sue, who is very approachable. Sue is an incredible woman, a horse whisperer I would say, who has been riding her whole life and the owner of the space for many years. Her daughter works with her to give lessons to an assortment of people, ranging from very young ages to older. Not only is she incredibly perceptive with the behavior of horses, but she is also so knoweledgeable about their existence throughout history. 

I highly reccomend taking this class to anyone who would claim an appreciation of horses! It's the best way you could possibly spend your upcoming Wednesdays as a GMC student.

For further information contact Sue Cook at http://horseamour.com/ !!!


Daniel Schechner's Art Show!

By: Natalie House

Beginning tonight and running until March 2nd is GMC student Daniel Schechner's senior photography exhibit. The show, called "here and there," includes a variety of portrait and found photographs taken by Schechner, known on instagram as lifeintheboonies. 

Besides photography, Schechner also uses video to convey a message: www.alifeintheboonies.com. Schechner is the co-founder of greenmtncollective, a collaborative instagram account which exists to engage the greater Green Mountain community.

The reception starts at 5 and runs until 7, and gallery hours at the Feick are Tuesday-Friday 1-5. Below are some sneak peaks at what to expect this evening.


poultney river • february '15 #lifeinthebooniesproductions #greenmtncollective #analog #leicacraft

A photo posted by daniel schechner VT | TLV (@lifeintheboonies) on Feb 16, 2015 at 9:18pm PST

תל אביב #llifeinthebooniesproductions #telaviv

A photo posted by daniel schechner VT | TLV (@lifeintheboonies) on Feb 14, 2015 at 9:31pm PST

#definingamerica series: 169th annual rutland fair 9.7.14 #lifeinthebooniesproductions #rutvegas

A photo posted by daniel schechner VT | TLV (@lifeintheboonies) on Feb 8, 2015 at 6:34pm PST






GMC's The Note-orious Beets!

By: Natalie House

I was recently accepted into GMC's student-run acapella group, The Note-orious Beets! The group has been active for the past couple semesters thanks to dedication from upperclassmen who have stayed involved.

Quite a few members of the group graduated last semester, so I figured I'd give auditions a shot since it's my last semester at GMC and I really enjoy singing but don't do it enough!

My freshman year I joined choir for a semester - I had a lot of fun doing that but I think the acapella group will be really different.

Note-orious Beet's first performance this semester will be Friday the 27th at the Global Bazaar in the Gorge! I can't wait!