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Getting Involved at GMC

By: Matthias Baudinet

     After a long summer, it is time to finally go to college. It is your first time going so far away from home. You'll be living with a person you have never met or talked to before. You will be surrounded by so many people that you do not know. These feelings can sometimes push a new student to recluse into their room and stay in the comfort of their bed. Being a senior at Green Mountain College, I can honestly say that this happens to many people. Of course, different people have different personalities, but a good way to try and avoid doing that is to force yourself to get involved.

     Sometimes a new student really wants to interact with people, or mingle with fellow classmates that seem very interesting, but they can't seem to have the "courage" to do so. Either they don't know if the situation is appropriate or they think they won't know what to say. A good method to avoid that awkward and unwanted embarrassment is to get involved around campus.

     There are so many ways to get involved around campus. There are over 20 different clubs, over 15 varsity sports teams, and so much more. Varsity sports is a good way to develop strong ties and bonds with a small but dedicated group of people. Clubs are sometimes very big, and sometimes very small in size. Depending on what you like to do or things that you are interested in, you will find similar people that you will become great friends with.

     Since my freshman year, I have been involved with the Inter Cultural Center. Since my sophomore year I have been involved with the Student Senate here on campus. I have been Sophomore Representative, Junior Representative, and now Vice-President. Student senate is another way to get involved and meet people. Plus, you get valuable experience.

    GreenMap is also a fun, awesome, and adventurous way to meet some cool people, and have a blast doing it. You get to go on super trips around New England doing all sorts of crazy things. From hiking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, snow-shoeing, or ice-climbing, there are so many awesome trips to go on where you can meet other awesome, adventurous people.

    Of course, there are other ways to get involved on campus. Volunteering at the farm is one of them, and the theater program is another one. There are endless opportunities to get involved and have a blast while at college. Sometimes nerves can get in the way of those things, but it is important that we listen to our hearts and partake in the activities that we love!


Student Ambassador


By: Matthias Baudinet

     One of my many jobs on campus is being a student ambassador. I am employed through the Office of Admissions in Pollock Hall, and I am basically what the job title says--an ambassador. I represent Green Mountain College. Meaning that when I interact with prospective students or their families, I represent Green Mountain College as a whole. This may sounds like a very big responsibility, and it is. But, it is also an big responsibility that has many benefits.

     I was hired to be a student ambassador at the end of my sophomore year. At the time, I was very hesitant to take the position, but now I believe that it is one of the best decisions that I have made in regards to job opportunities. I have gotten the privilege to meet and interact with the school's administrators and distinguished guests. More importantly however, I played a significant role in the enrollment of new students into the school.

     Since being hired at the end of my sophomore year, I have met so many wonderful prospective students. There is no better feeling than seeing a student that you gave a visit to enroll into GMC at check-in day. Student Ambassadors have a major influence in a prospective student's college decision. Families sometimes depict what life is like on campus based on what you say and the way you act. It is a very important position that should not be taken lightly, but if one is comfortable representing the school and enjoys interacting with people, then this job is for you.

     As the school year is about to start tomorrow, I recommend to any freshman reading this to look into the position to see if they are interested. It is a phenomenal experience and a great job to have on campus. If any one has any questions please comment below or email me at baudinetm@greenmtn.edu.


New Student Orientation 


By: Matthias Baudinet

     Yesterday (August 30th), the new student orientation began. Tons of incoming freshman and transfer students arrived on campus to finally move into college. Families came from all over the United States as well as the world to drop their student off at the school. Being a resident assistant, I helped new students check into their room, and introduce all of the students to each other. I met some wonderful people who seemed very excited to become part of the GMC family.

      Starting at 7am, the resident assistants and the orientation leaders were up and about all over campus preparing everything for the start of check in. It was wonderful to see so many Green Mountain students dedicated to making the start of a new GMC student's experience an amazing one.

     The other RAs and I were running back and forth from the residence halls bring one family at a time to their son or daughter's room in one of the residence halls. Having that initial interaction with the student and their family was a great privilege for me. I got to meet and introduce myself to the new students and be among the first people that they see at the school. Plus, also being a tour guide for the Admissions Office, I got to see many students that I gave a tour to last semester. It is a great feeling when I see someone arrive on campus that I gave a campus visit to.

     Later on in ther afternoon I led some icebreakers with a group of new students. It was great fun to learn a lot more about some new students, and help break that sometimes awkward ice that can prevent students from talking to one another.  

    The students were all very friendly to one another and got along very well. We then got to listen to some of the school's administrators in Ackley Theater where the new students were officially welcomed by the administration. The new students were then finally able to meet most of their floormates in their residence halls in a meeting led by their RA. "Sex and Chocolate," an informational session on sex and sexual assault was next on the schedule for the new students. Finally, students got to see the extremely funny new student orientation play, which caused many students to roll out of their seats laughing!

     With only two days left until classes start, it is safe to say that most students here are very excited to get the semester going.


New Athletes at GMC


By: Matthias Baudinet

     For the past week and a half athletes have been training extremely hard for their pre-season session. Seeing them run past my window as I had just woken up just tells you the determination and dedication that these student-athletes possess (I usually wake up between 6-6:30am). Being good friends with many of the returning student-athletes on the men's and women's soccer teams, the women's volleyball team, and the mixed cross country team, it was really interesting and exciting to meet the new recruits.

     Coming back early for RA training, I had the privilege of meeting all the freshly recruited student-athletes as soon as they got here. Of course, many of them were nervous, but the fact that they along with the RAs, were the only ones on campus, helped to quell that nervousness. The small amount of time that it took for the athletes on each respective team to bond with one another was simply astonishing. If a random stranger would have walked by the women's soccer team, or the women's volleyball team they would probably think that they had all been on the same team for a couple years. 


     The teams' ability to quickly mesh together I think portrays a very promising future. A team that gets along with itself always has the potential to achieve great things. I hope this is true of our sports' teams this year. Having made acquaintances with some of the new student-athletes, I can honestly say that they are all pleasant individuals who are committed to give their all for their teammates.

     A couple of days ago I watched both the men's and the women's soccer teams scrimmage Wheelock College on campus. With both of our teams coming out of those games with wins, it was a good pre-season game to built up confidence and momentum going into the season. The men's team showed control, efficiency, chemistry, and enjoyment. It was awesome to see our team get so many goals! The women's team was closer than the men's game, but our GMC Eagles showed courage, perseverance, and discipline to come back and win the game after going down one goal. Indeed, the future is bright for not only the men's and women's soccer teams, but all of our athletic teams.

     As the school year approaches, we should all try to support our athletic teams whenever they have home games. A big and enthusiastic crowd can sometimes make the difference in a close match. You can access the season schedule for all our athletic teams on the GMC athletics webpage. I hope to see you all either in the Eagle Dome or on the banks of the Poultney river to support our teams.


Eco league semester: By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

This fall I will be registered as a student in Green Mountain College, but officially I will be spending the semester abroad at Prescott College in Arizona as an eco league student from GMC. 

I arrived here two days ago by a plane flying out of Newark, NJ. I arrived in Phoenix, AZ where it was 100 degrees and took a shuttle to Prescott. We passed through a region of land I am so unfamiliar with, full of cacti and desert and humidity for hundreds and hundreds of miles.

I arrived and moved into the house in which I'm staying and promptly began to realize this experience I am about to have is going to be so vastly different than what I had anticipated, because although I had known what I was doing- I've never been this far west before and it's completely different than anywhere I've ever gone.

My body is still having a lot of difficulty adjusting to the time difference and my brain is feeling almost as hazy as the humid buzz surrounding everything else here. Hoping I can adjust to secada life... I begin my block semester tomorrow. 

Good luck on the upcoming semester to all of my loved ones at GMC- I'm missing you so much!